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You probably noticed that I'm usually avoid surveying the plots of the books; that is because I hope that you would read them :-), and I don't want to ruin the surpirse. And beside, I think that the plot is not that important, the impression the book left on you is much more important.

Any back cover blurb can gives you the general details of the book (although, if you read the Wheel Of Time blurbs, you won't recognize the plot :-) ). But the amount of joy that you got out of the book is the more important thing. I can read the same general theme over and over again*, but the way to get there change, and the way the story is told is more important.

Creating belivable worlds and likable characters is part of it, and weaving a story that can capture the reader is another. If a books manage to do that, then it's good enough to blog about. And books that can't do that, won't reach this blog; not unless they are really aweful.

*As a matter of fact, I probably do. Most Fantasy novels follow a certain order and the good triumphs in the end.