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Baahahahaha! Story of my life.

Mark Nijhof


Click .... wait .... wait .... beep

pete w

bear in mind the possibility that your existence as you know it is merely a projection to begin with :)


In my workplace, I like using my laptop because of the easy-on-the-eyes LCD with much better resolution. Since I don't want their source/program on my personal machine, I am constantly in Remote Desktop Connection. Pretty much the same thing happens to me at least once a week, when connection to the QA guys' machines in VNC in the remote desktop...

Interestingly enough, if you use VNC inside VNC it works quite well. So does Remote Desktop inside Remote Desktop. But they really don't work well together because of the different methods they use (polling vs desktop transfer). Also, don't try this at home: connecting using VNC to the host of a virtual machine without the 'tools' installed (i.e. one that captures the mouse). The mouse will never be where VNC thinks it is, so your click will pretty much always be very far away from where you intended...


Sometimes i read these blog entries and i feel like the blogger must be thinking.

"omg, stuff happened, it was amazing, must blog about it"

I wonder...


That's nothing! (as seen on Scot Adams' "topper").

Every day I connect from my Windows box at work using VNC tunneled via SSH to an X11 session in my Kubuntu server on which I connect to a Windows instance inside VMWare.

Did I mention my work internet access goes from Buenos Aires to somewhere in the US, and back here?

Sometimes I just tunnel RDP over SSH... but it's slower.


Sounds dreadful.


You may thank god you are not starting all that you are doing from secondlife.. :D

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