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or only half of them :)

Michael McCurrey

Nope, doesn't make much sense in the Western States. Can you fill us in?

Ayende Rahien

In Hebrew, there is a common saying about out of the way places.

In the end of the world, turn left and continue forward.


ah, I thought it is one of my favorite Blackfield's songs... (singer is Israeli)



might be more universal


And I thought it has something to do with the upcoming elections... :D


I thought you were referring to an unknown Israeli celebrity by the name of Uri Marker.

Also consider: public static Uri Geller { get; set; }

Sebastian Jancke

As a European I do not know this, jokes in code are not always a good idea, are they? ;-)

change it to "null://middle/of/nowhere" perhaps? (Might have seen that in MT I think)



The rest of the world can have some fun just watching how Israeli coders decide why the joke is funny...


I also thought it was a reference to the Israeli elections until I saw the comments :)

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