The WRONG way to respond to criticism

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XHEO has finally decided to respond to my open letter.

I haven't read it yet, but I can point out one critical mistake that they have made so far.

They were silent.

I posted this on the 2nd. They responded on the 5th. Aside from demonstrating their lackluster response times, they made an even bigger mistake. They let the perception settle.

My open letter post has 97 comments at this point. It has been picked up by DotNetKicks and Reddit, it has been read by eight thousands plus subscribers to my blog.

And during all that time, XHEO was silent. Just to be clear, about 5 seconds after I posted the post, I have sent the link directly to XHEO's owner. That was around 8 AM, in his time zone, I believe, during a business day.

As I said, I haven't read their response yet, but by sitting quite and "collecting their thoughts", they have created a huge PR problem.

Regardless of the actual fact of the matter, waiting was exactly the wrong response.