A complete and utter waste of my time

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For NH Prof, I need to have some licensing solution so people would be reminded that after 30 days of using the trail, they should pay. Initially, I bought a licensing component. That didn’t work out, and I now find myself in the position of having to writing the licensing infrastructure for NH Prof.

Any second that I put into the licensing infrastructure is a second that I can’t put into actually making the product itself useful. More than that, in order to produce a good licensing story, you need to invest a lot of time writing some tricky code so hackers would have harder time breaking this.

I got some advice in the matter from friends, which I am very grateful for, if not for the fact that this is so depressing.

Now, just to make things more complicated. Licensing is actually a big topic. I got requests from users regarding the licensing. Those range from being able to use a license on several machines, support floating licenses and removing a license from a machine.

Argh, what a waste of time!