NH Prof is version tolerant

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From the get go, I decided that I wanted NH Prof to work without having an explicit dependency on a particular version of NHibernate. I had trouble with that when I built the NHibernate Query Analyzer, and I had enough of that.

This is especially true since I am one of the target audience of NH Prof, and I would hate having to manage NH Prof <---> NHibernate version mapping. So I set out to make NH Prof version tolerant. My explicit goal was to be able to work with NHibernate 2.0 and up.

Along the way, I did something that is pretty surprising. NH Prof also work with NHibernate 1.2, which I never even tried to test with. When I say works, I mean that most of the things work as usual, but some of the fine points are missing (for example, I know that showing entity identifiers are not working in 1.2).

That is quite encouraging, and probably means that I can support 1.2 fully without too much hassle. But,

It also means that going forward, I am going to have a much easier time with adding new features to NH Prof as they appear in NHibernate.

Overall, I am pretty happy about this.