Another Entity Framework opinion

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I run across this post, which I found interesting:

If someone give me a set of classes that doesn't bring a A to Z solution to a problem, sorry but I don't call it a Framework ... I call it a Base Class Library. I've been very supportive to the Entity Framework Team (I gave design feedback through multiple channels) but now I think I'm done.

This resonate very well with what Udi Dahan has said as a comment to Frans' post.

Microsoft is a platform company.

They build technologies that partners can build stuff on top of.

It's what they've always done.

It's what they're continuing to do.

Unfortunately, many developers in the Microsoft community don't know/understand this, thinking that these technologies are supposed to be used to build applications directly. This often causes overly complex codebases.

The EF's team's decision is consistent with providing a platform for partners to build their own ORMs on.

That being said, I don't care very much for a platform - just as I wouldn't drive the chassis of a car.