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The Cuyahoga Project is a .Net CMS based on NHibernate. It used to be the best application to look for NHibernate patterns for beginners. Now I suggest people should look at this as a great sample app in general, not just for NHibernate patterns.

Among other things, it has been the engine behind for the last four years or so. Along the way, it gave me very little trouble, and allowed me to manage my site without much trouble. A CMS, by nature, is an extensible system. But it is a tribute to Cuyahoga (and to what I am doing in the main site) that up until now, I didn't actually have to go into the code to make it do what I want.

I did my usual read-the-code-before-use, of course, but that was about it.

Today, I spent several hours implementing a very simple module in Cuyahoga. This module simply displays and redirect links. You can access the source for this module here, and general instructions about how to build Cuyahoga modules can be found here.

The reason for this post is that I had a change of mind regarding Cuyahoga. Before, I thought about it just as a good application. After, I think about it as a great framework. There is very little need for me to actually do anything in the module except what I actually want, and the overall design is clean, easy to understand and easy to follow. The hardest part was doing the UI, and that is as it should be.

But I do wonder about the name, why Cuyahoga?