Common infrastructure? Don't make me laugh

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I am currently in the process of retiring the IRepository<T> from Rhino.Commons. I am moving it to its own set of projects, and I am not going to give it much attention in the future.

Note: Backward comparability is maintained, as long as you reference the new DLLs.

But why am I doing that? If there is anything that I have been thought in the last couple of years is that there is a sharp and clear distinction between technological infrastructure (web frameworks, IoC containers, OR/M) and application infrastructure (layer super type, base services, conventions). The first can and should be made common, but trying to make the application infrastructure shared between multiple projects that aren't closely matched is likely to cause a lot of issues.

To take the IRepository<T> example, it currently have over 50 methods. If that isn't a violation of SRP, I don't know what is. Hell, you can even execute a stored procedure using the IRepository<T> infrastructure. That is too much.

What will I use instead? A project focused infrastructure. A repository interface reflect the application that is using it, and it changes from project to project and even in the same project as our understanding of how the project is built improve.

I am still considering what to do with the other tidbits that I have there, such as the EntitiesToRepositories implementation. Ideally, I want to keep Rhino Commons focused on only session management, and nothing else beside.