Book Reivew: Sanctuary

time to read 1 min | 165 words

Product image for ASIN: 0756402468 Sanctuary by non else but Mercedes Lackey

The first thing to note about this book is that it's short, and it's not as packed with action as I hoped it would. The target audiance are young adults, and for them I think that the book would do very well. I found that I want it to be longer, and with bigger scope.

However, the book is entertaining, and there was more than one point in which I had to point it down to laugh it out*. The book ends much faster than I expected, and the ending was the usual good beating evil, but it was very nicely executed and overall a good read.

* There is a point where the hero says that dragons do not have magical ability to travel through time, a clear reference to Pern.