Why I hate traveling

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Just arrived at the motel after just over 25 hours on the road. Yuck!

Some random thoughts along the way:

  • The US remain at the top of the list of countries with the most obnoxious entry procedure.
  • If the hotel says its address is on main street, I expect to find the bloody entrance on main street, not hidden in some side street.
  • Driving an SUV is fun from the comfort side of things, but a PITA from the point of view of driving, parking or managing them.
  • I like the ability to lose my way to wallmart, get a GPS, and get to the motel.
  • Drug addicts make for really good guides.
  • One way streets in the US are marked in a really confusing manner to me, and I keep driving against the direction of traffic.
  • I am so tired, and on top of jet lag, I start working tomorrow morning.