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Why I hate traveling

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Just arrived at the motel after just over 25 hours on the road. Yuck!

Some random thoughts along the way:

  • The US remain at the top of the list of countries with the most obnoxious entry procedure.
  • If the hotel says its address is on main street, I expect to find the bloody entrance on main street, not hidden in some side street.
  • Driving an SUV is fun from the comfort side of things, but a PITA from the point of view of driving, parking or managing them.
  • I like the ability to lose my way to wallmart, get a GPS, and get to the motel.
  • Drug addicts make for really good guides.
  • One way streets in the US are marked in a really confusing manner to me, and I keep driving against the direction of traffic.
  • I am so tired, and on top of jet lag, I start working tomorrow morning.



Welcome to the USA my friend!

Joao Braganca

Haha did they make you take your shoes off? Or is that only on the way out?


That is only on the way out On the way in they ask stupid questions. Like are you a terorist? Duh, no. I'm just going to blow up the plane. BTW better not say that or you will be on your way back the next day... on a plane.


The experience always vary depending on your port of entry. Texas is always more "restrictive" than say, Miami or Wash DC. Also, some officers seems to like playing "bad cop" with everyone.

I really dislike the experience, but so far never had any problems.

David Meyer

Hahaha, I can relate to the one way streets! I live near the Twin Cities. St. Paul and Minneapolis each have their moronic street designs... GPS is a good idea in Minneapolis, as half the main streets have no signs marking them.


If you are going to north US, it's much easier to come through Canada - you land in Canada, pass a short and easy entry procedure, and in the Canada / US border they only check your identity (fingerprints and biographic image) and it's about 5 minutes all in all. Especially if you come at night and there's no line :)

Lucas Goodwin

TSA... They need to go away. Permanently.

They're the reason I don't fly anymore. Would rather drive.

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