My Bio

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Every now and again, I find myself having to cough up a bio. Usually for conferences, talks and the like. Since I tend to dislike talking about myself, I often neglect that. The last time I updated my bio was in 2006. Time for a fresh one.

Oren Eini is an independent consultant based in Israel. His main focus is on architecture and best practices that promote quality software and zero-friction development.

Oren is the author of Rhino Mocks, one of the most popular mocking frameworks on the .NET platform, and is also a leading figure in other well known open source projects including the Castle project and NHibernate.

An internationally known presenter, Oren has spoken at conferences such as DevTeach, JAOO and Oredev, and is the author of the book "Building Domain Specific Languages with Boo", soon to be published by Manning.

Oren, using his pseudonym as Ayende Rahien, is a frequent blogger at His hobbies include reading fantasy novels, reviewing code, and writing about himself in the third person.

Update: I honestly forgot.

Oren is also a Microsoft MVP, a fact that he tends to forget when writing a bio.


And thanks to James Avery, Avish, Al Gonzalez, Tobin Harris and IMH for proof reading it.