In search of an embedded DB

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I need to use an embedded DB in a project. Naturally, I turned to my old friend, SQLite. It has served me well in the past, and I am well versed in all its tricks. Except... SQLite really fall apart when you are talking about even moderately multi threaded applications. By that I mean, it works just as advertised, for sure. It just lock the entire DB when used, which tend to kill other threads who want to access the poor DB.

I then turned to FireBird, but a short spike told me that it is... inadequate. I managed to get the database into inconsistent state, but I am not sure how or why. There seem to be very little information about it as well, so at the moment it is out of the game.

Sql CE is worse than SQLite when it comes to handling multiple threads, so that wasn't even in the running.

Vista DB is commercial, and I plan to make this an OSS project, so that is out as well.

I want to use Berkeley DB, but is seems like the .Net story is hard. There are CLR Binding, but I run into several blocking issues with them. There is no 1:1 mapping to the C API or the Java API, the error messages are... terse. And there aren't any tests at all! Even worse, the code is interfacing with native code, so it is C# after a rail road has hit it at 200 kph and having spent three days crying in a desert.

I put some time into trying to get this to work, and once the initial hump is over (understanding the association between environments, databases and transactions), it makes a lot of sense. Of course, there are a lot of features that I wouldn't even try to figure out.

First order of business, create a .Netified wrapper that will abstract the C like API away from me.

Okay, I am being ungracious here, the API make a lot of sense and the code is good for the purpose it was built, it was just that I had a moment of existential uncertainty when I looked at the code and it looked like C++#.