SQLite vs. SQL CE

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Those two seems to be the most common embedded databases in the .NET world. This is important to me, since I want to do testing against embedded database.

SQL CE can be used with SQL Management Studio, which is nice, but it has three major issues for me so far:

  • It doesn't support memory only operations. SQLite does, and it means a difference of 12 seconds vs. 40 seconds in running ~100 tests that hit the DB. This is important, especially kicking up everything seems to take about 10 seconds anyway (using Test Driven.Net)
  • It doesn't support paging (WTF!)
  • It doesn't support comparing to a sub query, so this is not legal:
    select * from account where 1 = (select allow from permissions)

Right now I am experimenting with just how much I can twist around to get everything to break.

I am on the third NH bug this week, and counting :-)