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Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta: AVOID

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After the pain of VS 2005 SP1 (which killed my machine, as a matter of fact), I decided to install the SP1 beta for VS2008 on a clean VM. That VM is a simple install of the OS + VS 2008, that is all.

Here is the result of installing VS 2008 SP1 Beta. I have no idea what happened, at one point it was installing, now it is rolling back.


I suppose I could try to figure out what is going on, by hunting in the logs and trying the cargo cult approaches.

But I have a simpler solution, just avoid the whole thing. Is it too much to ask that the installer will work?



Read the comments on the official site please :)

MS supposed they can apologize for this and suggested the algo for all of us to make things go right :)

Philip Løventoft

It was the same with VS 2005 SP1, it took several hours to install on my machine. It's strange that it's so hard for Microsoft to make these installers.


I also got the same message. But after looking at this ReadMe :


It seems a known issue and they are suggesting to Ignore it, If the finish page reports success.


What ever happened to xcopy deployment :(

Vijay Santhanam

Yup, too much to ask..

I'm glad guinea pigs exist though

Frans Bouma

I had that too, and waited it out... guess what... it turned out to be a successful install!

Indeed... what happened to xcopy deployment...


LOL, just like VS2005 SP1. Didn't they learn anything? It was a real P.I.T.A. to install it in a VM.

Thanks for the warning.


I successfully installed it... Well... "Successfullly"... The XAML designer was unusable after that and I can't for the heck of it find all this promised new WinForms stuff like DataRepeater etc.

Alvin Ashcraft

I encountered that too, and re-ran the installer after stopping and disabling the Machine Debug Manager service and it installed just fine.


If they can't even get the installer for a service pack right then I shudder to think what's wrong with the rest of the software.

Besides, if Microsoft want me to test their beta software then I expect to be paid.


Time for SharpDevelop?

Michael O'Neill

Do we have completely different understandings about what "beta" means? You aren't supposed to get ANGRY and rant about beta software failing - you are supposed to be constructive and help the vendor get it right.

Mark Brackett

"I suppose I could try to figure out what is going on, by hunting in the logs...[but] is it too much to ask that the installer will work?"

This strikes me as an odd comment from a developer....Without knowing the actual problem, it's a bit premature to be calling buggy installer. After all, right now, we just know that it doesn't Work On Your Machine. It may have very good reasons for not working on your machine. (Or it may not - in which case, feel free to let loose on the installer guys).

And give it points for rolling back - instead of just bombing with a cryptic error, leaving your machine in an unknown state. Not to mention that it is explicitly beta software.

Don't you think that expecting the installer to be able to properly install on 100% of machines is a bit much? Not to say that it shouldn't have worked on your "clean" VM...but, again, lacking details or errors from a sizable minority of users - I'm witholding judgment.

Ayende Rahien

On a clean VM, yes it should work.

That aside, I don't think that I demand too much when I say that I want to get clear and concise error messages.

Not random rollbacks

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