Zero Friction & Maintainability

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You probably heard me talk about zero friction and maintainability often enough in the past. But they were always separate subjects. When I prepared for my Zero Friction talk, I finally figured out what is the relation between the two.

I talk about zero friction as a way to reduce pain points in development. And I talk about maintainability as a way to ensure that we build sustainable solutions.

Let us go back a step and try to realize why we even have the issue of maintainability. Bits do not rot, why am I so worried about proactively ensuring that we will keep the code in a good shape?

As it turn out, while code may not rot, the design of the application does. But why?

If you have an environment that has friction in it, there is an incentive for the developers to subvert the design in order to produce a quick fix or hack a solution to solve a problem. Creating a zero friction environment will produce a system where there is no incentive to corrupt the design, the easiest thing to do is the right thing to do.

By reducing the friction in the environment, you increase the system maintainability