DevTeach: Home Grown Production System Monitoring and Reports

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That was an interesting talk, Owen Rogers talked about how to setup an Operation Database in order to get more visibility on your production system. This is the first time that I sat in a talk that is a "Release It!" influenced talk, and it was very interesting.

The type of Operation Database is focused on adding more information for the developers, rather than exposing more information to the operation team. What was especially interesting is that the amount of data being capture is very small. The standard log data (time, message, exception, etc) and a command log, which I think about as a message handling log. This log capture some statistics about messages / commands that the application has handled. Message size (in & out), time, processing time, etc.

From that, you can get pretty interesting data about your application (just showing avg. message processing time over a period of time is extremely valuable).

The nice part about this is that the entry cost is basically zero.