Zero friction IoC: Auto registration is mandatory

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This is the entire Binsor config file for a real application:

import Castle.MonoRail.Framework
import Castle.MonoRail.WindsorExtension
import Rhino.Commons.Facilities from Rhino.Commons.ActiveRecord

facility MonoRailFacility
facility RhinoTransactionFacility
facility ActiveRecordUnitOfWorkFacility:
	assembly = "HibernatingRhinos"

for type in AllTypesBased of IController("HibernatingRhinos"):
	component type.Name, type
for type in AllTypes("HibernatingRhinos").WhereNamespaceEq("HibernatingRhinos.Services"):
	component type.GetServiceInterface(), type

And I am pretty confident that I am not going to have to do much in the future with those.

And yes, you can do it with the fluent registration API as well.