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DevTeach Toronto

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In about two weeks, I'll be speaking at DevTeach again. The last two times were enough to recharge me for months afterward, and I am looking forward to it.

I am giving several talks there.

Advance IoC - The use of advance means that I get to assume that I don't need to deal with intro stuff, so I am going to try to cram anything from generic specialization to aspect orientation to hierarchical containers and infrastructure ignorant applications. Success metric: people coming out of the talk saying "my head hurts".

OR/M += 2 - OR/M is no longer on the edge, it is a mainstream technology. That said, there isn't much knowledge out there how to take advantage of the non obvious advantages of using an OR/M. I am going to cover multi tenancy, adaptive and partial domain models, approaches for scaling, application design and architecture with OR/M and a bunch more.

DSL - This is a favorite topic of mine, this is actually an introductory talk, covering the range from "why do we even need this" to "how do we build them?"

Rapid (maintainable) web development with MonoRail - I gave that talk a few times already, but I think it is a time to give it a bit of a facelift, and try to do something a bit more impressive. So this is not going to be just "yet another intro to IoC", and it is going to dig deeper into more interesting scenarios.

I am also going to talk in a DotNetRocks panel, about the future of software development. The other parties in the panel are Scott (the Blogless) Bellware and Ted Newart.

Those are my talks, there are a lot of other good ones, and of course, the real reason that DevTeach is so much fun is the interactions with the people


Krzysztof Koźmic


I'd LOVE to read your book someday on those topics (especially first two: IoC, ORM; from high level design, real-world scenarios, to low-level implementation on castle/nhibernate).

I think there are few people who could do this better than you and after reading free chapter from your DSL book ,I also think that it would be a great read too.

Are you possibly considering writing a book on this, or am i just dreaming?


Hi master, are you (or the people behind DevTeach) goin to show your sessions somehow to the outer world ?

Scott Muc

Thoroughly enjoyed your sessions last year in Montreal and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in a couple weeks.


Please record and torrent the sessions for the Third world people :)

Manoj Waikar

Hi Ayende,

My request is exactly similar to that of Jose. Please record your sessions (and make them available) for those who are unable to attend such conferences.



Dmitriy Nagirnyak

Ayende, I wanted to ask if you are not planning to speak in Melbourne.

I think it is unlikely, so please record the session if it's possible.


Ayende Rahien


I am going to try to record that, but I am saying that for a year+.

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