DevTeach - Day III

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Yesterday I did my Advance IoC talk, which went very well. I actually got to cover not only all that I intended to do, but I got so far ahead that I had to do off-the-cuff coding, which went well until I tried to do some of the more complex stuff, which didn't really work out. That was some pretty hard core presentation.

I did ended a few minutes before I was supposed to, even after taking questions from the audience, so I guess I was not as well prepared as I should have been, and I probably still need to work on the pace that I am talking at.

I will be heading home today, and I really really liked DevTeach. I met a lot of really cool people, had some amazing conversations, and got to put faces on a lot of names that I talk with quite a lot on the blogsphere.

And to think, I thought that Scott Bellware was a serious guy. :-)