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What do you want to learn?

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I am the states right now, and I am thinking about giving a course in how to build a DSL or Castle or NHibernate, depending on what people want.

Right now it is likely to be in Austin or thereabout, probably at the beginning of May. No promises, and strictly based on whatever there would be enough participants.

Would you like that?



I'd love to learn more about DSL


I live in Austin. I'll be there for sure on any subject. By Castle do you mean monorail? activerecord? windsor? or am I way off base? Personally, I'd opt for NHibernate, Castle, and DSL in that order.

Jason Meridth

Yes. I'd like that. Name the time and place and I'm there.


+1 NHibernate, and good choice of city ; )


It would be great if you could do these as as web casts. I'd pay for a DSL course... :)


+1 NHibernate, but i would gladly attend for DSL or Castle too


+1 DSLs I'll be there.


I would like to learn software architecture.

I´ve bougth a lot of books, I´ve download a lot of frameworks (key lightweight frameworks). OK, I´m learning alone, and building useful professional stuff with tools and concepts I´m secure right now, but it´s hard to index the topics and study then on the right order, or the recommended order.

OK, I´m evolving, it´s cool and someday I´ll got it all... but I would like to pay for a ***roadmap that helps me to do it faster, a course that shows me the whole picture and give me a better high level vision, so I´ll be able to efectivelly self-study each topic (or may be in some cases for some reason I can not do it alone -- or just because you have a lot to say about -- pay for a specific course from you on, say DSLs).

If this course isn´t on the plans I would apreciate any advise on the subject.



Sorry, I guess you are not talking about a online course. Well, what I would like to learn that online as I live outside US...


A DSL video would be fantastic for people outside of Texas.


+1 for NHibernate preferably in Dallas!


Definitely be there if in Dallas, maybe Austin. May be interested in a training class for my department too - and we're hiring right now, amazing place to work. I thought you were outside the US?

Glenn Wiley

I'd be interested in a class covering any of those topics.


Add 1 more vote for NHibernate.

Also add one more vote for Dallas.


+1 NHibernate, I would love to understand advance concepts of nhibernate like performance tuning ,caching etc

Richard Hamlin


I would definitely attend, as would several of my staff developers.

Richard Hamlin

Almost forgot...

+1 Austin

-1 Dallas


You should take this idea and put it together with your consideration of charging for the Hibernating Rhinos series.

I would pay about the price of a book for a through webcast series that develops a large-scale web application from design to deployment using DDD and TDD, and implemented with Windsor.

Sean Scally

I'd attend for any of those topics. Dallas is preferable, Austin would work.

David Smith

NHibernate or Castle...prefer Dallas, but I'll make the trip to Austin.

John Bucolin

Would love something in Dallas

Dude Man

I'd be there for any topic, in Austin.


I would certainly like to attend. But, no luck. I'm not in Austin.

Do you plan to share some video / samples course materials?


Any of the course would be interesting. I'll probably attend if you are in Dallas, not sure about Austin.

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