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An apology

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Note: If you don't know about what I am talking about, please ignore this post.

A few days ago I was in a meeting with a Microsoft team, showing a few of the MVP a new product. I was there to give feedback to the team, and I am afraid that I did no such thing. In fact, I blew up. I acted in a completely unprofessional way, and I certainly did nothing productive. I was about as unproductive as possible, and offensive to boot.

To the guys in the team, I am sorry. No excuses, I am supposed to be better than that. I certainly ought to be able to make a difference between the product and the team that develop it. I should not have tried to take my frustrations on you.

I apologize again, and deeply regret this outburst.



Apology accepted.

Aaron Erickson

Your passion about this stuff rules. Sometimes it is going to spill over.

In the end, your efforts make our whole stack way better. We all have our times where judgement falls aside for a moment (i.e. in my case, debating anything related to C# with you - lol)... your response here speaks to your character about it.


lol - you just lived the anti-MS crusaders dream.

you're totally right though - all our SSIS DBA's are completely external to our dev process. And that causes huge amounts of trouble, anger and frustration. We have an entire live production aggregation system that isn't version controlled or regression tested.

It's natural for these feelings to be directed at the source.



Paul Dunlop

You are forgiven my friend


hmm, the cynic in me says this is more of a grab for ALT.NET blogosphere kudos points than a real apology (which would surely be better in a private email to the individuals concerned?)

Ayende Rahien


This apology was rendered face to face, in a private email and as a blog post.

I considered burning the words on the front lawn, so passing spaceships could see it as well


lol, ok, i believe you!


Somehow, I think Oren is the last blogger in the universe who needs kudos points :)


Ayende you got my respect...

Russell Ball

Classy move. Everybody acts disgracefully from time to time, but very few people try to make it right in such a public way afterwards. Well done.

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