ReviewMicrosoft N Layer App Sample, part VII–Data Access Layer is GOOD for you

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Continuing my review of, an Official Guidance (shows up at: which people are expected to read and follow.

Reading up on the data access implementation is always fun, mostly because of all the contortions that people go through. In this case, you can see the attempt to abstract away data access:


Of course, we expose Entity Framework types in our abstraction, but that is good, we will just have to implement EF on top of NHibernate if we ever want to switch, it is not like we are exposing a concrete class, it is an interface, we can replace it.

Let us also look at how this is used, shall we?


You know what, I am not even going to critique this, I am actually getting tired by reading this code, I have developed a bit of a tick, and it is getting hard to see wh…

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