Elegant Code

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I just finished writing this, and I find it very pleasing to look at:

public class EntitiesToRepositories
	public static void Register(
		IWindsorContainer windsorContainer,
		ISessionFactory sessionFactory,
		Type repository,
		params Assembly[] assemblies
			throw new ArgumentException("Repository must be a type inheriting from IRepository<T>, " + 
"and must be an open generic type. Sample: typeof(NHRepository<>).
"); foreach (IClassMetadata meta in sessionFactory.GetAllClassMetadata().Values) { Type mappedClass = meta.GetMappedClass(EntityMode.Poco); if (mappedClass == null) continue; foreach (Type interfaceType in mappedClass.GetInterfaces()) { if(IsDefinedInAssemblies(interfaceType, assemblies)==false) continue; windsorContainer.Register( Component.For(typeof(IRepository<>).MakeGenericType(interfaceType)) .ImplementedBy(repository.MakeGenericType(interfaceType)) .CustomDependencies(Property.ForKey("ConcreteType").Eq(mappedClass)) ); } } } private static bool IsDefinedInAssemblies(Type type, Assembly[] assemblies) { return Array.IndexOf(assemblies, type.Assembly) != -1; } }