Rose - Because I don't have any cat pictures to post

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Well, apparently is is customary for bloggers that do not have anything to post to put some pictures of their cat. I don't have a cat, but I have a this shy little dog that I adore, her name is Rose.


Of course, that doesn't really give you any sense of scale, so here is her standing up, I am a big guy, her nose topped six feet by a fair margin. (about 1.85 for the civilized among us).


And, of course, the other side, here is her after I let her know that I am going away for a few weeks. I hope the bruises will heal soon, but for now, I need to move a bit carefully.


And no, it is not going to become a theme in this blog. But I found myself explaining to people on the phone all too often why they suddenly hear cries of "No, you are not supposed to eat cats!" and "Damn it already, I am not edible, get that through your head" or just "Argh!".

I hope this clarify things a bit.