And now it is only me

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Yesterday I left We!, today I handled the last remains, and now I am free. Interesting feeling, and I do miss the car so very much...

This also puts me in the interesting position of being laptop-less. This is less comfortable than I thought it would be. I have a week or two before I can get my new laptop.

Following quite a few recommendations, I got a MacBook Pro 17". I'll report about it when I get it.

Current task, and the reason that I don't have much time, writing the book. It turns out to be much harder than expected. I can get 5 pages in an hour or two at one seating, or I can get two sentences in the same time period in the next (the reason that I am blogging now instead of slaving away at the manuscript).

Oh, and I changed the blog, can you spot what is different?