ORM += 2

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I am going to give a talk about the high end usages of OR/M and what it can do to an application design.

I have about one hour for this, and plenty topics. I am trying to think about what topics are both interesting and important to be included.

Here are some of the topics that I am thinking about:

  • Partial Domain Models
  • Persistent Specifications
  • Googlize your domain model
  • Integration with IoC containers
  • Taking polymorphism up a notch - adaptive domain models
  • Aspect Orientation
  • Future Queries
  • Scaling up and out
    • Distributed Caching
    • Shards
  • Extending the functionality with listeners
    • Off the side reporting
  • Queries as Business Logic
  • Cross Cutting Query Enhancement
    • Filters
  • Dealing with temporal domains

Anything that you like? Anything that you would like to me to talk about that isn't here?