DSL & IoC - Combining powerful concepts

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I was just writing this line of code:


When it occurred to me that this looks a look like an IoC resolve call. Which got me thinking about combining both concepts together, which gave me the shakes.

The idea is that we can expose those dependencies like this:

customers as ICustomerRepository
fraudService as IFraudService
alerts as IAlertService

for customer in customers.FindAll(With.Orders):
	for order in customer.Orders:
		if fraudService.IsFraud(order):
			if customer.Important:

Leaving aside the mountain slope code*, consider what is going on here. We are exposing dependencies by specifying the types that we need. We can then get them through the IoC and execute the code in hand.

This means that the DSL has full access to everything in the application, and is subject to the same rules and behavior as all the other components. From my point of view... sweeeeeet.

* First example that popped to mind, yes, I know it is a bad one.