Post #3,000!

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imageI have been doing it for quite a while, sometimes it seems like forever. Somehow, I am not quite sure how, I got to this post, the third thousand one.

By sheer coincidence, this is also my birthday by the Hebrew calendar.

I am not quite sure what I am supposed to do about it, since the big surprise is planned for a few months from now, so I decided to go with the traditional route and do a retrospective.

I used these two posts to gather the information:

  • Active since: April 2004
  • Number of Posts: 3000
  • Number of Comments: 8,462
  • Avg. Comments Per Post:  5
  • Avg. Posts per Month: 73
  • Avg. Posts per Week Last Year: 19
  • Avg. Comments per Month: 208

The most popular posts, based on web views, aggregator views and comments. The results are quite surprising to me, I am not sure that I can readily explain it.

  1. Hibernating Rhinos - Episode #4: Hibernating Forums - Part I - Testable & Painless Persistence
  2. Hibernating Rhinos - Episode #2 - Select * From MonoRail.Customers
  3. Dependency Injection in Web Forms MVC
  4. Implementing Linq for NHibernate: A How To Guide - Part 1
  5. Challenge: Windsor Null Object Dependency Facility
  6. Rhino Mocks stats
  7. Documentation Contributions
  8. Supporting OSS in the .Net Space
  9. Linq for NHibernate
  10. Rhino Mocks 3.1 - Released!
  11. SSIS' 15 Faults
  12. Rhino Mocks 3.0 Released!
  13. ASP.Net Ajax vs. Unit Tests
  14. Building a Space to Grow
  15. MS-Innovation
  16. Rhino Mocks 3.3
  17. Must resist... decoding
  18. MVC in WebForms: The impossible fight to get rid of the views centric world
  19. Rhino Commons, Repository<T> and Unit Of Work
  20. Introducing Boobs: Boo Build System
  21. Using NHibernate With Stored Procedures
  22. Simple != Poor Quality, period!
  23. On SubSonic & NHibernate
  24. Hibernating Rhinos - Episode #1: Rhino Mocks 101
  25. 7 Approaches for AOP in .Net
  26. Visual SVN: Another Zero Friction Tool In The Toolbox
  27. Entities, Services and what goes between them...
  28. The Correct Separation Of Concerns
  29. Dev / Team estimation
  30. Maintainable, but for whom?