Microsoft the company vs. Microsoft Employees

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So far, the only Microsoft employees that I have met and didn't like were the marketing drones. I dislike being lied to, by I digress.

All the Microsoft employees (that were even remotedly techincal) that I have met or spoke with so far were really nice guys, open to suggestions and to conversation. Microsoft, the company, however, seems to behave in a rather different manner.

At some point in the chain, there is a huge management problem, because I want a Microsoft that behaves the way most of its employees are behaving. I really want Microsoft to be as open and honest and smart as most of the employees that I have met.

I spoke with some Microsoft employees at DevTeach, and I am sorry to say that they got a lot of heat because of that.

I am not saying anything new here, I have read it elsewhere, many times. But some action must be taken, because I, personally, am sick of this duality. I don't like being angry at really nice people because they work at Microsoft.

Either change that, or let us know who the real culprits are, because I really want to shout at them.