DevTeach Summary

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I came, I rejuvenated, I went away happy.

I won't get into the specifics, but both DevTeach conferences were the highlight of the year for me. Just interacting with all the people that came there was a pure pleasure.

I am talking about far more than just the speakers, the people that came to Dev Teach were a lot of fun to talk to.

Just a few more memorable moments:

Avish, I think that you are the only person that I know who would think that the expectation management in Rhino Mocks is the complex part, instead of the runtime emittion of classes.

"It is not complex, just arcane" was simply hilarious!

Greg, I am still waiting for the full quotes list.

Shane, just to reiterate, there might be sever bodily harm if you think that I am better than you again.

Can't continue, run out of battery, and late for the flight.