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imageSteve is talking about tasers and taser related deaths

I remember when we got a few tasers. The rules for using them were pretty strict, they were considered as firearm for all intents and purposes. Using them as a method to "subdue" people once they are handcuffed would fall under the category of torture. I can just imagine what I, personally, would do to anyone who tried that, and I would be the only first step in the chain.

Then, of course, you have the nice legal situation where we literally had to get a doctor's permit to use it. The open fire conditions where the same, but if the inmate had a heart problem, we were to shoot using old fashion bullets rather than use a taser. Old fashion firearms didn't need a doctor's permit to shoot.

This is a screwed up world. Then again, we never gotten into a situation where we actually had to shoot someone, for which I am grateful. I abhor violence. It begets too much paperwork.