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Geek Scripture

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At first, there was the bit. And the bit shifted left, and the bit shifted right, and there was the byte. The byte grew into a word, and then into double word. And the developer saw the work and it was good. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

On the next day, the developer came back to the work and couldn’t figure out what he was thinking last night, and spent the whole day figuring that out.


Mark Lennox


Reminds me of my PERL days....


Amen to that... 8- P


And on the seventh day, he shipped.

“The reason God was able to create the world in seven days is because there was no installed base.” – Wim Elfrink, Cisco



Thus the developer created comments, and saw that they were good.

Pierre Henri

And on the next week, the maintenance hell started :D

Jeremy Gray

And then Joe's comments were replaced with refactoring for clarity, ending Pierre's maintenance hell.

Just remember folks, the vast majority of comments are a code smell.





In fact, God estimated seven days (it can be that hard, he said) and then took 4 billion years to finish the job.

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