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No one was fired because they bought Microsoft

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And just to be clear, I don't agree with this sentiment, but it is a very real one.

Times have changed
Our applications are getting worse
They run so slow and won't behave
The code is ugly and perverse!
I tell you, that application is deprave!

Should we blame the PM?
Or blame the developers?
Or should we blame the process?
No! blame Microsoft
Everyone: Blame Microsoft

Blamability is an important concept, the facts doesn't really matter, but the ability to blame someone else, preferably something as ambiguous as Microsoft, is a good way to have an out.


Diego Guidi

Looks like a modification of a medley of South Park - The Movie... blame Canada!!! :D

Chris May

I don't think the "No one was ever fired because they bought Microsoft" has to do with the ability to turn around and blame Microsoft if things don't work right.

I think it is because Microsoft is in many ways a defacto selection for most software products.

If you are buying an office product, you are going to buy Microsoft Office for your company.

If you decide to pick something other than MS Office, it is your butt on the line if things don't work.

if you install OpenOffice.org and it crashes when the President is in the middle of a big presentation, you are going to have to explain why you picked the lesser know office option. In other words, why did you pick an option than only 2-3% of the world thinks is the right solution.

If you picked MS Office and it crashed, no one is going to question why you were so stupid as to buy the office product that 95% of business users rely on.

Same goes for the OS. The CEO isn't going to be pissed off at the CIO because he can't figure out XP Pro, but if you installed Ubuntu, then you have some explaining to do.

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