Good Little Developer, do what you are told

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Peter Laudati managed to hit basically all my red buttons in a single post, that is rare. He talks about the recent Alpha Geeks posts in the community, but I do believe that he is observing a different community.

It seems almost like a repeating cycle where there are highly skilled developers moaning about the lesser skilled developers around them.

Ha? In the recent posts, the topics was never the developers, it was the tools from MS and their ability to be utilized effectively by developers outside the very thin line that was painted for most of them.

When I see developer tools coming out of Microsoft that support this group, I get excited because it makes my former job as a 'shepherd' easier.  I know that the tools will guide the folks who may not be experts and keep them on the path that has been outlined for them.  Wizards, software factories, source control with check-in policies, etc, I jump for joy!  Give me more!  I know many of the large enterprise companies I consulted for could benefit greatly from all of these.

I have no way to express just how bothered I am by this statement. Shepherd? Developers are not sheep! Maybe a further look is needed, one that goes beyond the sheering pens. The last time I run into this attitude, I was at prison. If I ever want to lord it over other people again, I would go back to being a warden. I had no idea that being a developer or a consultant carried with it the same danger of illusions of grandeurs.  It looks like you want code monkeys to build your grand vision, that is fine, but those are not developers.

I have been at places where they had the 9 to 5 programmers, and you know, they were perfectly able to follow a technical conversation, learn what they needed to learn, and get their job done. They may not be slavering all over the new CTP bits or spreading the buzz about the vNext+2, but to get to the point where you hand dumbed-down tools is showing acute contempt for the developers in question, and I find it insulting.

Yes, there are thick headed developers, I have met some of them that were on top of everything (with applications that used all the GoF patterns) and couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag.

Putting the baseline of the tools not at the lowest common denominator but at the lowest point, period, is harmful.

The great thing about Visual Studio is that if you don't want all the hand-holding of wizards, you just don't use them.

Um, no. Feel free to hand code an SSIS package, or a BizTalk process, build any complex WinForms UI without the designers. Most of the wizards and designers are producing bad code, aimed to build a demo quickly, not to build a maintainable application.

As saying that I can code it by hand is all very well, if the framework and libraries support it, currently, a lot of the stuff that was raised is not possible to use effectively without the wizards.

BTW, if you see a theme about SSIS, I am dealing with that right now... sigh (how the hell did I end up being the database guru? I learned SQL as a self defense, for crying out load!)

Microsoft has entire teams of people (mine included) that focus on supporting the developer community.  Feedback, good and bad, is always welcome.  While I can't predict how the product teams will respond to it, I can tell you that they are listening.

They may be listening, but there is decide lack of response, the other side of the conversation. The various insiders group doesn't cut it, not when the first time most people see a product is when it is already too late to do any significant change on it.