How to practice diplomacy: Playing on the nature of truth

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So today I practiced diplomacy. We need to integrate with an application that has reached its end of life. It was suggested that since both applications are written with .NET, we can just take the code and build on top of it.

I said that I would need to see the code. They sent me the documentation and a link to the current site. I read it, I thought about all the things that I am not going to say.

Here is what I did not say:

I found three SQL Injection attacks just by reading the documentation, I looked at the code and had to go and wash my hands. I am going to put that in the WWTT* folder, to look at dark moments, when I am frustrated and need the relief of: "At least I not working on that."

What I did say was:

I do not believe that we can reconcile the architecture of the existing application into our own applications, there are significant and unbridgeable gaps between the two. What we are going to do is to rebuild it using our own architecture and harvest the existing code base to the best of our ability.

That is diplomacy.

Being polite is another matter, in which you tell someone you hate their guts, but you smile when you do it, and say "if you please" at the end.

* As in What were they thinking?