Why I will not code review your code...

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Like this post, this is a post that is here to serve as a statement of intention, and to clarify my position on the matter. Recently I had started to get quite a few requests for reviewing applications, frameworks and components. They all come from well meaning people, who often has very interesting code that they would like a second opinion on.

That is wonderful, except that I am most probably not going to be able to do this code review.

There are several reasons for that. I just don't have enough hours in the day to do so. And, to be frank, if you want me to do a code review on your code base, there is going to be a good reason for that. If it the source is publicly available and interesting (as defined by yours truly, not the author of the code), I would be more than happy to dig into the code. I do it quite often, just to make sure that I keep an open mind and learn from other people.

If the source isn't freely available, or if I don't find it interesting, then I would suggest contacting me for a consulting engagement, in which case I would be more than happy to go over any code base (unless it is written in Ook#, which I refuse to touch).