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Just show me the code...

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I am one of those who have really hard time talking generalities. Mainly because lacking a frame of reference usually cause me to try to spin in all directions at once, and Depends is a really bad way to formulate an argument. More often than not, a concrete example, hopefully backed with a code sample that can be dissected, is much more valuable, simply because it focuses the discussion on the subject at hand, instead of scattering it over all the possibility matrix.

The other problem with just talking is that words are cheap, and it is fairly easy to speak in such general terms that the conversation will be meaningless. I got burned really bad on the real world with overly general discussions, and now I mostly tend to drive people crazy by asking more and more questions with regard to the implementation details.

Strangely enough, I don't have the issue of going from a mess of details to an overall view of how things are combined.


Francois Tanguay

When asking for a design/programming concept to be explained, I normally ask to see:

1- A high-level class diagram

2- Black-box Unit tests...

Class diagram will give me a general overview of the structure of the components while the black-box unit tests will give me a detailed view of most common usages of the public interface.

One thing worth mentioning is I rarely ask for "white-box" UTs which explain how the concept relate to its dependencies. And that, mainly because I consider those tests "inferior" because they only document how one uses the public contract of their dependency.

Jason Meridth

This reminds me of one of Linus Torvalds quotes, "Talk is cheap, show me the code"

context: http://lkml.org/lkml/2000/8/25/132

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