I ain’t going against my professional judgment pro bono

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I had an interesting conversation with a guy about some problem he was having. This was just one of those “out of the blues” contacts that happen, when someone contact me to ask a question. He presented a problem that I see all too often, trying to create a system in which the entities are doing everything, and he run into problems with that (to be fair, he run into a unique set of problems with that). I gave him a list of blog posts are articles to read, suggesting the right path to go. After a few days, he replied with:

I went over your advised reading in depth, but let me describe in short the properties and functions of our system, which I think causes the system to be an exception to those methods.

He then proceed to outlay his problem, a proposed solution and then asked a very specific NHibernate question that was a blocking stumbling block to get ahead with the solution he wanted. My reply was that he took the wrong approach, a suggestion how to resolve it in a different manner and a link to our NHibernate Commercial Support option.