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The "I am really not drunk" post

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image Just got from the bar, and I have met a bet with a few of the guys there, that I am not really drunk.

To prove that, I need to write correct multi threaded code. I started to write parallel sort routine, Erlang fashion, in C#, but that is too complex for me when I am not under suspiction of being drunk.

So I wrote Hello World.

It is 400 lines of code and it has got five threads, so I guess that officially proves that I am not drunk.

Now all I need is to figure out why the code is all wavy and flowing.

I don't care about fluent interface or not, but I am pretty sure that Visual Studio doesn't have the "crawling ants" features...



Nerd! :)


I loved the way you presented it. I am just a kid and just started feeling it.

Thought of meeting you in ALT.NET Conf. But heard that you are going to miss it?!.. (sad)


Impressive... the most I can get out after drinking is

int asdfasdfdfsdffdasfafasdfafa;a;sfa

Yeah, pretty good, eh? Hehe.



The code is all wavy and flowing because you're not drunk. You're high!!! ;)

Mats Helander

Where´s the link to the code? I want to see what use a drunk Oren can find for five threads in a Hello World app! :-)


So I'm in a bar and I have my laptop with me and I'm coding. Why am I doing this? Because 1) I'm a huge nerd and 2) I had a homework assignment due the next day that I wasn't finished with. I had intended to go out that night anyway and I figured that I had about an hour's worth of work left to do (I was wrong. so wrong) so I may as well go to the bar early when it's not so crowded but the drinks are still cheap and work on my homework there and then start power-drinking after I finish the assignment. So I'm sitting there and this girl that I sorta know walks up and accuses me of being the biggest nerd ever for having a laptop in a bar. I explain the homework situation, and she asks me what I'm working on. It was a program that takes an image and generates a fractal of that image. Needless to say, it wasn't working quite right because I was on beer number 5 or so at that point. So the girl says to me "I'm going to go get us some drinks, and when I come back, if you can show me your program generating a fractal, I'll show you my tits." She walked down to the bar, and I spent the next five minutes or so hacking together some of the ugliest code I've ever written, but I got it to mostly work. When she came back, I ran the program, and it generated most of a fractal (several off by one errors resulted in the image alignment not being very good but she didn't really know what a fractal was anyway, so it was ok) but it still looked kinda cool. She says ok and pulls off her shirt. I shut down the laptop and she and I continue drinking. The moral of the story: Nice guys may finish last, but they still finish.

Also, I have no memory of fixing the errors in my program but I must have later that night because when I turned it in I got a good grade although my professor said some of the comments in my code were "interesting"

Claudio Figueiredo

I've done a lot of drunk coding in the past, but code to prove that one's not drunk is a first for me. lol

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