Employee Communication DSL

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We have a client that is a Pro Microsoft big time. We are constantly running into SSIS issues at their end, and it has gotten to the point where I am willing to rewrite the entire ETL process from scratch, and I am quite certain that it will take me far less than it would on any other way.

Here is my boss' reply to the suggestion to use Rhino ETL:

If boo in configuration

   Explain to {John, Jane} onEach(day: is(Monday) )

If ETL in DataLoader



You meant going back to using SQL jobs + stored procedures, right?

In this case, SP and plain old SQL would do the trick, so that is indeed the direction we are going to take, but I was literally floored by the DSL.

* BTW, I feel mean because it bothers me that the If and the While are capitalized.