How to sell maintainability?

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Today's Drag and Drop's UIs, Wizards and Designers are all mainly focused on the creation side of the software. They help you with the initial bit, and leave you alone afterward. This is great for a demo, but really not a good proposition for the maintainability of an application.

As an example, drag a table to the form, do the designer magic, and then try to add business rules about who can see what and how to the page. Is this a maintainable approach?

My answer is a resounding no!

But it does make for a very compelling demo. The maintainable approach, on the other hand, takes more time, and involves more moving parts that a drag & drop operation. Comparing the two is a problem, because one looks so much easier than the other, and in the confines of the typical demo (or indeed, the quick prototype), those problems are not usually seen.

So, the question is, of course, how do you sell maintainability?