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In my previous post I show a couple of photos of me along with a picture of my logo.

In case anyone is interested in doing the same, I got the picture printed and cardboarded (is that a verb?) by PicPong, it's a Israeli company that dos custom printing jobs, you can just go to their site, upload any picture you want, choose the size, paper type (you can even print on the type of cloths painter use!) frame (I ordered a picture of my mother with a dedication as a birthday gift, and it appears to be good) and just about anything else.

The prices are very reasonable as well, the logo is 85cm on 35cm, and it cost 100 NIS (23$) to produce. A much larger picture, with frame and better quality of paper cost 300 NIS, (70$). The service is also very good, the promise a ten bussiness days delivery, and I got mine within two days. Their customer support was very good (there was some problem with the dimentions of one of my pictures, which they walked me through solving very quickly and efficently) and you get a box of bubble gums with each order :-) [That was a surpirse].

All in all, I'm very pleased with them, so if you are in Israel (the international site is still in testing right now) and want to print something, go to PicPong.

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