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Ken Egozi


if so - what 'bout Notepad2/Notepad++/Scite language packs?


So do you have the "auto-layout diagram" feature yet? :P

Ayende Rahien


IIRC, you wanted to do that, right? :-)


Have you considered using the new VS2008 Shell (see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/bb510103.aspx)? MS looks like it's taking a page out of the Eclipse notebook and working on turning their excellent IDE into a more generic platform for tools vendors.


Ayende Rahien

No, from experience with the past, extending VS is a PITA of COM and unknown errors.

And I know how to extend #D, and that is easy to do.

Jay R. Wren

Can you add a file?



Ayende Rahien


Run msbuild default.build, it will generate the missing files.

Stuart Carnie


Actually, the managed package framework for VS 2005 was very good for creating extensions in managed code. There were times you had to drop back for very low level stuff; however we were quite successful prototyping some designers. The VS SDK team have contined to wrap more of the COM API in managed objects, so I'm sure it's looking very good now.



Ayende Rahien


I had basic code formatting support & line indenting in about two hours, most of them were spent exploring #D.

I would be interested in showing a sample that shows how this is possible in VS Shell

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