Rhino Mocks 3.2

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This is mostly a maintenance release, to get the code out the door before it eats me. As you can see, there has been quite a few changes, most of them are bug fixes, but there are some new features.

A side note, I have had 34,034 downloads for the 3.1 version, Wow!

As usual, you can get it here.


  • Applied patch from Robert Angres, adding TraceWriterExpectationLogger
  • Applying patch for With.Mocks fluent interface from Tobias Grimm
  • Applied patch from Tobias Grimm that adds support for: With.Mocks(...).ExpectInSameOrder(...).Verify()
  • Adding a way to have more granularity on what BackToRecord will revert.
  • EventRaiser.Create()
  • Adding EventRaiser.Raise(sender, e) overload, for better intelli sense support.
  • Playback disposable will check for an exception and avoid the VerifyAll if there was one.


  • Disable calling LastCall.Constraints more than once.
  • Better error message on LastCall, will point the user to the option of non virtual method call being made.
  • Fixed bug: stub with properties that return value types must have the value set before it can be get.
  • Fixing mocking generic methods with generic class constraint
  • Fixing mocking of internal properties of internal types
  • Applied patch from Josh Flanagan, do not consider the value of an out parameter when creating default constraint.
  • Passing a null to a params parameter would throw null reference exception.
  • Fixing a bug where Stub would not stub the base class / interface properties.
  • Should throw exception on verify if Repeat.Never was called.
  • Better error messages when calling EventRaiser.Raise() incorrectly.
  • Applying Adam Tybor patch, removing warning from the build and setting DelegateTargetInterfaceCreator creation assembly to be a signed one.
  • Fixing an issue with stubbing generic types.
  • Fixing minor issues with EventRaiser error handling
  • Better error message when using specifying a return value and setting Repeat.Never