SQL Challenge, getting historical datasolution

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As it turned out, this isn't that hard, all I needed to do was remember my trusty DateRange function, modify it to on months instead of days, and it was off to the races. This type of code does make my head hurt a tiny bit, it packs a lot into it.

           @end DATETIME
SET @start = '2007-04-01'
set @end = '2007-10-01'

  SELECT YEAR(Currentdate) Year,
         MONTH(Currentdate) Month,
         COUNT(Bug.Id) OpenedBugCount
    FROM Dbo.MonthRange(@start,@end )
         JOIN Bugs Bug
           ON YEAR(Currentdate) >= YEAR(Bug.Openedat)
              AND MONTH(Currentdate) >= MONTH(Bug.Openedat)
              AND YEAR(Currentdate) <= YEAR(ISNULL(Bug.Closedat,Currentdate))
              AND MONTH(Currentdate) < MONTH(ISNULL(Bug.Closedat,DateAdd(MONTH,1,Currentdate)))
GROUP BY YEAR(Currentdate),MONTH(Currentdate)

I would get it into NHibernate on Sunday, should be fun, it is about the ninth select is the super report... :-)

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