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Free doesn't give it a license to suck

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Phil Brammer has a posted a comment here that really annoy me, rebuting

To Adolf...  You wrote, "It's the windows 98 of the database world."  B.S.!!  It's free.  Go buy Informatica or something.  Jamie's comment regarding the budget is true.  These guys built a product right out of the gate to fulfill an ETL space in their tool belt.  They did it, and packaged it with SQL Server.  You buy SQL Server you get SSIS.  Pretty neat, huh!  So until you have to pay for it, it's a touch absurd to say this product sucks.  It's pretty dang powerful (you mean I can program in .Net INSIDE my SSIS package?!?!?) for a first generation product.

This annoys me because it assumes that "free with SQL Server" is a license to suck. SSIS isn't free, by the way, it is part of the SQL package, which cost quite a bit. Even beyond that, it isn't free in the most important term I can think of, it is wasting my time.

Oh, and I am decidedly unimpressed with being able to run .Net in my SSIS package, that is an ability that I can add to an existing application in an hour, so that is not any reason to get excited.


El Guapo

Woah, how can anyone claim SSIS is free? Not only did you make that point that it only comes with SQL server which is very expensive - it only comes with certain editions of SQL server. In other words, you have to pay extra to get it. That doesn't sound free to me.

Phil Brammer

This is so B.S. You are so uninformed in how to use the product correctly that your rants carry no weight.

Microsoft doesn't sell SSIS standalone. As such, it is "free." Regardless of your perspective, SSIS works for me any many others, all of whom have spent the time to understand how to use the product. Why can't you run .Net inside SSIS? SSIS allows the use of VB .Net. SQL Server 2008 will allow VB or C# .Net. Extending with the use of dlls and the such, your possibilities are endless.

SSIS doesn't suck. You just don't know how to use it, apparently.

Also, get on the SQL Server 2008 CTP and start submitting your feedback. Don't just post your issues with it on a blog and expect it to improve. Or as I said earlier, move on and purchase Informatica or something.

Ayende Rahien


Please refrain from personal attacks and coarse language, that has no place in a civilized debate.

Microsoft doesn't sell SSIS standalone. As such, it is "free."

So, a car's wheel are "free" as well, by your reckoning?

That it is part of a package doesn't make it free.

Don't just post your issues with it on a blog and expect it to improve. Or as I said earlier, move on and purchase Informatica or something

I am moving on, if you haven't noticed, I am building my own ETL tool.

Phil Brammer

No coarse language and no personal attacks. You are clearly not informed in the full workings of the product, or you wouldn't be posting a list of issues that are not really issues in the real world.

And no, a car manufacturer doesn't make the wheels; they buy them and sell them. You can buy the same (exactly the same) part on the free market through other vendors. The analogy isn't the same.

Good luck with your own ETL tool. I wish you the best of luck and I'm sorry you couldn't work with others to better understand how SSIS works.

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