Quid quid latine dictum sit, altum videtur *

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I don't speak much about what goes at work, but this just got to get out, when I am LOL-ing from a serious reply that I am getting from my boss, there is something good going on.

Several days ago I have sent an email to my boss, with some technical details, to which he replied with: "Omnia mihi lingua graeca sunt**"

That has released the flood, and right now we have a discussion that involved:

  • Sum perdidi ***
  • Vis eccum erit,  semper. ****
  • Luke sum ipse patrem te *****
  • De integro ******

Those are just the ones I can recall off-hand.

Now I just need to find a reason to use "Facta, non verba".

Naturally,this means that I need to put "throw new FelixCulpaException()" in my code somewhere.

(last two phrases are left as an exercise for the reader.)

* Everything in Latin sounds profound
** It is all Greek to me
*** I am wasted
**** May the force be with you, my son
***** Luke, I am your father
***** Repeat again from the start