Dicology*: The Study Of Names

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I've been reading  Corporate Blogging Guidelines, Draft #2 when I realized that I violate rule #2, I'm using a pseudonym1 for so long that I often forget that I do. :-)

The name originated in my Wheel of Time days, it was in 1997/8 that I started to use this pseudonym2. In the Old Tongue that is used in the Wheel Of Time, The meaning of the name is:

Ayende - Freedom, Rahien - Dawn

So my name is actually "Dawn of Freedom", or "Freedom's Dawn", it was funny at the time. Right now I got so used to that name that whenever I'm on a computer, I am using this name everywhere.

I just did a search my computer, I've 50 items (mostly from purchases I made) under my name in Hebrew, and 30 under my name in English. Searching for 'Ayende', on the other hand, result in 5,536 items3. The last time I installed an OS on my main machine was 2 years and 9 months ago, btw.

And on completely other venue: Only 0 years, 4 months, and 18 days to go.

1A much better word than a nick, and probably the reason that I'm writing this post, so I can remeber it the next time I want to talk about my pseudonym.

2Before I was Barid Bel Medar and published several stories under this name. I can't recall now why I changed the pseudonym, probably I grew tired of it.

3The searches were conducted using MSN Desktop Search.

#Dicology Defination: A made up word consisting of dico - name in Latin and logy - study of.

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