Blog Posts vs. Articles

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Jakob Nielsen says that experts should not blog, Larry O'Brien disagrees and bring some real world data about leads generated from blog posts and articles.

I have a different approach for this, and it is about the time invested vs. the exposure earned. I have published several thousands of blog posts, and I rarely work on a blog post for over a few hours. The single article that I published took several weeks to write and re-write, peer reviewed and get published. The amount of contacts that I got from that vs. the ones that I get from this blog cannot be compared.

Blogging allows me to post quickly, which means that you get a lot of content that would never see the light of day otherwise. To make the cost of putting content out any higher than it should be means that you are limiting what you can do. It means that you will have less visibility and less traffic, in the end.

To my mind, publishing an article is good only for the additional exposure in channels where I don't have access to already (all readers of XYZ Magazine, for instance), but while that has an appeal, I don't see the need to invest the amount of time that would be required to do so.